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My belkin wireless router is failing me, how can i fix this?

I have no idea how this is happening right now because my phone is performing fine using the wireless network. Yet my laptop is either going very slow or my connection reads limited. This really stinks because the only reason I bought this belkin router was because my time Warner cable router gave me the same issue and now both routers are failing me :( What can I do, I've reset these things 3 times already.



Mainly these are Five reasons Behind belkin wireless router is failing:-

1) Enabling File Sharing From Your Router
Solution for this problem-:  Various routers include USB ports, such as those from Linksys, Belkin and Netgear. It's all a matter of what software is used to configure the USB drive and whether you need anything else on the Windows or Mac client end to connect to the shared drive.

2) Performing Firmware Updates
Solution-:  It is good to update automatic or at least easily selectable, so you don't have to go through the tortured process of downloading and uploading the file.Check the firmware update section in each router's Web setup screens to see if the router can automatically upgrade itself

3) Enabling Temporary Wireless Access
Solution-:  It is beneficial idea would be to grant them temporary guest access that gives them just an Internet connection and nothing else on your network, such as shared drives or printers and all.

4) Determining Who is on your wireless Network  

Solution-:  Check out the screens that are usually labeled "Attached devices" or "DHCP client list" to see who is connected and using which IP addresses. Some companies, such as Belkin , clearly show how various clients have connected and what wireless devices they are using.

5) Changing Your DNS Provider
Solution For this issue-:  First make sure your router supports alternative DNS settings. If you're not sure, see if you can enter your own DNS address on your router's Web-based setup screens instead of just using what your Internet provider .Then try it out, including installing its software to optimize your individual PC, before messing with any of your router's settings. After you make the change to your DNS, , there is a Java tool that can test your speed to see if it makes a difference. Depending on how you're connected to your Internet provider, it can help either a lot or not much at all. If it doesn't help, consider going back to your original settings.

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