My Belkin Wireless Router is not Working. Please Help?

I have a Belkin N-750 Wireless Router that recently has not been working. At first I thought it was a problem with my internet connection but I just tried connecting the internet modem directly to my laptop and it is working fine. So it has something to do with the router. When I connect the modem to the router, the router turns blue like it is working fine, but when I try to connect to it with my devices (laptop, iphone, ipad, xbox) everytime it says something such as "unable to connect to network." so it is something with the wifi router. Please help me to fix this. Thank you!

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Fixed Belkin Wireless Router is not Working Issue:

Please reset the password for the SS ID of the router and note down the security policy you are using like WEP, WPA Personal etc. Use the same security policy and password for all other wi- fi devices.

You can try it after reset. Just reset your router by inserting a pin in a hole that is the backside of your router. After that just enter default id password to access your Belkin router.

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My Belkin Wireless Router is not Working. Please Help?

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