My Linksys Wireless Router Not Working?

hi I have Linksys wireless router i want to connect with internet. When i try and connect to the internet from the router it doesn't work what should i do please need quick help?

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The problem which you are facing might be because of a faulty connection or wrong settings and that is why your Linksys wireless Router might not be working. I will suggest some troubleshooting techniques and so that it fixes the issue. Follow the instructions carefully to get your Linksys Wireless Router working:
1. Check all your connections: This might seem a very basic thing but most people make the mistake at this point. So make sure to check that your router is getting a constant power supply. The Ethernet cable you are using is in good condition.
2. Reset your router: Resetting your router to the factory settings is best for a layman, as it resolves most of the internal issues or issues occurring due to change in settings. Press the "Reset" button for around 10-20 seconds and your router settings will be changed to factory settings.
3. Check Internet connectivity: Connect your Wireless Linksys Router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Connect one end to the LAN port and the other end to your computer and try opening a website like "google", if you are able to do so the internet is working fine, if not contact your ISP.
4. Update your Firmware: Sometimes the router stops working or malfunctions if the firmware is not updated, firmware contains encoded messages for your router to function properly and it contains necessary updates for your software. So make sure to update it from your vendor's website.
5. Reset your Internet Card: This is the last option and needs some expert monitoring to do so. There is an "internet card" on your computer which in rare cases gets dislocated so you need to reset it.
First, go to the "control panel" > "Internet" and see whether you can see your router name or not. In case you can't then go for the card reset.

Hopefully, the above techniques solved your "Wireless Router Not Working" issue, in case you face any problem with the given techniques, you can revert back with your query for further information.

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My Linksys Wireless Router Not Working?

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