My NETGEAR Router is Not Connecting WiFi?

I have a Netgear N300 router at home and it was working absolutely fine until last night. It stopped connecting to the internet even though it is on with internet connection? Anyone know how to resolve the issue?

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Hello Peter, if your Netgear router is not connecting to WiFi then firstly restart all devices. You might be wondering but sometimes connection gets established just by making a simple restart.

If after restarting the problem exists then check out all measures that I have described here.

Although each step is different, so if one step works then there is no need to proceed with other steps.

a. Check physical connection - Make sure ethernet cable is tightly plugged into correct ports. If your ethernet cable is not in proper working condition then immediately replace it with the new one.

my netgear router is not connecting to wifi

b. Refresh cable connection – Refresh your cable connection by performing a power cycle.

Let's begin power cycling -

1.Shut down all networking devices including Netgear router, modem, PC etc.

2.Now, first turn on your modem (DSL/cable) and let it boot up, so wait for a few moments. At this point of time, the modem will establish the connection with ISP. Once connection gets established, all light of modem will become stable.

3.Power on your Netgear router and wait for a couple of minutes until it establishes the connection with ISP. Once connection gets established, Netgear router’s Internet LED will turn into solid green.

c. Upgrade Netgear router’s firmware manually - Navigate to “ ” and download the latest firmware for your Netgear router. After downloading the firmware, save it your PC’s desktop. Now, open Google Chrome and navigate to “”. You are now prompted to Netgear router login page where you have to enter login details i.e., Username and Password. After logging, tap on Advanced> Administration.

my netgear router is not connecting to wifi

Next, click on Firmware Update button and then on “Browse”. Upload the file that you save to your desktop. Once the firmware is uploaded, Netgear router will reboot automatically.

d. Restore Netgear router to Factory Settings -

To perform a factory reset on Netgear router, go through these bullet points -

  • Before attempting factory reset, make sure Netgear router is power on.
  • Take a paperclip and press Reset button for 10- 12 seconds.

my netgear router is not connecting to wifi

  • Release the Reset button after 10-12 seconds and wait until it reboots automatically.
  • After Netgear router is finished with the factory reset, Power LED will turn into solid green.

I hope after applying above measure your Netgear router will connect to the WiFi but if the problem still persists then ask for assistance by making a call on Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

My NETGEAR Router is Not Connecting WiFi?

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