My NETGEAR Router Keeps Dropping the Connection?

My netgear wireless router keeps dropping my internet connection about every 5 minutes. It starts flashing an orange light then it turns green again. I tried unplugging the modem and the router but no luck. What can I do?

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By Using These Techniques, You can Easily Fix Network Connection Issues in Netgear Router:-

1. Update PC Driver - Go to the web site for the manufacturer of your computer and go to their support or driver downloads page. Select your system or type it in and find the latest driver for your wireless card. There is usually a section called Networking and underneath you should see a list of drivers. One of them should have the word “Wireless” in it.

If you have more than one wireless driver, then you need to figure out which one you have installed on your computer. You can determine the model number for your wireless card by pressing the Windows key + the Pause button at the same time. This brings up the System Properties dialog. Another way to get to it is to right click on My Computer and select Properties. Once there, click on Advanced system settings.

Click on the Hardware tab and then click on Device Manager. You’ll see a list of devices with plus signs to the left of them. Click on the one called “Network Adapters” download that driver from the list of the manufacturer's web site. Usually, the wireless card is called something “Intel Pro Wireless” or “Dell Wireless”, etc. Once you download the file to your desktop, double click on it and follow the steps to install.

You might have to restart your computer. If the driver on the computer was the problem, the dropped connections in Netgear router should go away completely. If not, then you might have to try to update Netgear router firmware.

2. Update Netgear Router Firmware - If your Netgear router keeps dropping the connection then update Netgear router firmware as it is not so trivial task. You have to download the latest firmware from their website, log into your router and then upload it up to perform the update. This also helps to eliminate Network Connection errors.

3. Router Settings - The last issue that can be causing dropped connections is various settings on your Netgear router. Connect to the 2.4 GHz network if you’re currently connected to the 5 GHz one. On the Netgear router, make sure the channel settings for the networks is set to Auto.

If you have picked a particular channel for some reason, try a different channel. Turn off extra security features like MAC address filtering, network isolation, and Wi-Fi Protected Setup. None of these really increase security all that much and end up causing more trouble. Make sure your wireless network mode is set to Mixed.

If you don’t know anything about your router settings, try resetting your Netgear router completely by pressing the reset button. Configure wireless security and leave it at that. Hopefully one of these solutions will fix your Network connection problems.

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My NETGEAR Router Keeps Dropping the Connection?

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