NETGEAR Router is Not Connecting to Cable Modem?

My Netgear Wireless-N 300 router is not connecting to Time Warner cable modem. Guys, I have checked all physical connections, setting and everything is OK. But still, Netgear router is not communicating with the modem. If anybody has faced such problem then please help me to connect Netgear router to the modem. Thanks in Advance!

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Configuring Netgear router will help you to use Netgear router with existing Internet Service Provider and besides this, it will also help you to resolve connectivity issues that are associated with Netgear router.

For connecting Netgear Wireless-N 300 router to cable modem, just follow these stepwise instructions that are described below -

netgear router is not connecting to cable modem

  1. Firstly unplug your Time Warner cable modem. Take a Cat 5 ethernet cable and connect your modem to Netgear router.
  2. Next, you have to connect power back to your Time Warner cable modem.
  3. Connect the power cord to Netgear router to a free wall socket.
  4. While connecting Netgear router to your system via ethernet cable, just keep one thing in your mind i.e., insert ethernet cable’s one end into router’s port labeled as “port 1”. After this, plug another end of the ethernet cable into computer’s ethernet port.
  5. Launch internet browser and type “” / “” in the address bar.
  6. Now, you are redirected to Netgear login window where you have to enter login credentials. In the username field box, type “admin” and type “Password” in the password field box. After entering login credentials hit OK to log in to Netgear router’s configuration page.
  7. Next, tap on Setup wizard option and choose “Yes” before proceeding to next step.
  8. Save Netgear router’s configuration by clicking on Apply button. The setup program will automatically detect the required settings.

I hope after applying this process, you can successfully connect Netgear router to Time Warner Cable modem.

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NETGEAR Router is Not Connecting to Cable Modem?

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