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Netgear router not connecting wifi?

I purchased a Netgear WNDR3400V2 router about a week ago. I have properly set up my Netgear router and it was working properly. But yesterday my brother reset my Netgear router. But after resetting, Netgear router is not connecting to any wireless connection. If anybody knows how to fix this issue then please suggest me! Thanks!!



According to your query, it seems that you have not set up your Netgear router properly or something is missing. Here I am describing you how to setup Netgear router which that your Netgear router can connect to Wi-Fi.

1.Take an Ethernet cable and plug it into the Netgear router’s ports that are present on the backside. Well, there will be 4 ports and you can plug Ethernet cable into any port.

2. Now, you have to plug another end of the ethernet cable into your computer’s ethernet port.

3. Next, open a web browser and type Netgear router’s IP address in the address bar. Now Netgear router login page will appear on the screen. Here, you have to enter these values -

Username – Admin

Password - password

4.Tap on Login and access Netgear router settings.

5. Now you have to check Netgear router security settings. After logging, navigate to Wireless section and tap on Encryption. Now you are redirected to a new wireless security window. Now, choose WPA- Personal as the security mode.

6. Next, if the wireless encryption is disabled then you must understand that your problem is not related to security settings.

7. Next, go to Passphrase field. Make sure you are using a unique password. Also, note down on a piece of paper because it will be needed whenever you want to connect Netgear router to other devices.

If above steps do not help you then Reset Netgear router -

  • Go to the left pane and navigate to Utility section.

  • Next, tap on Restore Factory Default link.

  • Now you will be asked for confirmation, so tap on “Restore Defaults”.

  • For confirmation, tap on OK. Now your Netgear router will perform an automated restore and reboot automatically.

  • After this, just restart your system and connect to Netgear router.

 In case, you have any problem then feel free to contact Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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