NETGEAR Wireless Router Not Connecting?

I am trying to connect my computer to the internet via a netgear router. I have verified that a direct connection from the modem to the computer works, no problem. However, when I add the router to that equation (still being hardwired in) my computer can see my network (the router) but can no longer connect to the internet. The worst part about this is everything worked fine until my internet provider had an overnight outage. In my attempts to set this back up I was originally able to connect to the routerlogin website but it wouldn't accept a login. Now it won't even find the page even if I'm hardwired directly to the modem. What am I not seeing?

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Netgear Router can be Setup Using Just Few Simple Steps.

Few Things You Need Upfront To setup Netgear Wireless Router

Internet Connection From Your Internet service Provider Like At&t, Comcast , Verizon etc.

Ethernet Cable (Internet Cable) Mostly RJ45 (For Connecting Modem To netgear Router )

A Computer (Optional)

Good luck.......

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Just follow these steps..

  1. when zyxel wireless routers do not work than there can be many reasons -may be your are not getting the internet from your internet services provider or may be its just your zyxel .
  2. so lets try some steps and see if this can be fixed –
  3. restart the zyxel wireless router wait for like 2 min than reboot your computer or device that you would like to hook up with the zyxel wireless system .
  4. open the zyxel setup page using the default gateway type cmd and than in cmd type ipconfig and nokw you will see the default gateway IP.
  5. try changing the channel and settings . you may also want to change the password and SSID .
  6. Save the settings and reboot the wireless router .you can connect your devices .
  7. if nothing works than reset the router and setup it again .
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NETGEAR Wireless Router Not Connecting?

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