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How To Configure TP Link Extender?

When I paired the second extender to the network it worked fine at first however after about 5 minutes I noticed there was a conflict where one of the two extenders would loose connectivity to the net. I noticed that whichever Extender had lost connectivity would have a Class B I.P. address for some reason even though each were configured out of the box with Class C addresses. Obviously I thought that there may be an I.P. address conflict at first that both extenders attempting to use the one subnet mask might be at fault and so I tried to set each power line extender to separate sub-net masks. I kept the original extender on 192.168.1.X : I set the new extender to 192.168.10.X : Unfortunately when I change the I.P. address and Subnet mask settings through the bundled TP-Link utility it doesn't seem to save the changes and even on reboot the extender that has lost connectivity will not have regained it and will still have a Class B address of 169.254.X.X. I've a fair bit of experience mucking about with routers etc. but these particular TP-Link extenders are new to me and help identifying the problem would be really appreciated.

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by Elizabeth on 2 years ago