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Please help with dell truemobile 2300 router setup?

I have bought a new Dell truemobile 2300 router recently. I tried setting it up using the manual but something is not right I guess. The LED lights will blink for a while and then goes dead. I tried it a couple of times but the same issue come over again and again. Is there something wrong with the process of setup or my router is at fault. If anyone has got any clue about it please let me know.



Hello James, as per your query it seems that you have not set up your Dell truemobile 2300 router properly.

Reset Dell truemobile 2300 router - First of all, reset your Dell truemobile 2300 router. For resetting, locate the Reset button. Usually, it is found on the back panel in Dell routers. Now take a sharp object like the pen, paperclip and insert into Reset hole. You have to press the Reset button for 10-12 seconds. When Dell router’s lights begin to flash, gently release the Reset button. Now your Dell truemobile 2300 router has been reset to default values.

Modify WiFi settings of Dell truemobile 2300 router

1. You have to mainly change two things i.e., SSID and channel.

For changing SSID name, just keep one thing in your mind i.e., choose a name which nobody can even guess.

2.If we talked about Channel, then you can choose 1, 6, 11 channel.


After saving these settings, navigate to Basic Settings. Next, tap on Wireless Security and press a click on the checkbox next to “Enable Wireless Security”.

3.Next, move to Network Authentication list and select WPA.

4.After this, move to Pre-Shared key and enter a complex password that consists of numbers, alphabets, and special characters.

5.Now find WPA Encryption and choose “TKIP and AES” for this. In last, save entire settings and restart your Dell truemobile 2300 router.

If you still face any issue with your Dell truemobile 2300 router then please feel free to discuss with experts by calling on Dell Router Technical Support Number.

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