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Why Is My Buffalo Router Keeps On Disconnecting?

I have a Buffalo router that has been great except for one problem. It disconnects me for a couple seconds once ever 40 to 60 minutes. This isn't noticeable if I'm visiting websites but if I'm streaming music or video or playing an online game I get disconnected from it and have to start streaming the media again or reconnect to the game server. I've reset the router to factory defaults to make sure it wasn't my configuration and I've changed the MTU size (Buffalo's suggestion to me) to no avail. I updated the firmware and haven't seen any change. This happens to every PC connected to the router and it doesn't happen when I bypass the router. I'm hoping to avoid replacing the router as I no longer have my proof of purchase and Buffalo won't replace it for free without one. Any ideas of something else I should try?

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by Harry on 1 year ago