RT-AC68u Flaky?

Hi! New to this forum. I just bought a used RT-AC68U on eBay. (It was to replace an RT-N66U that I loved but which is now unsupported by AsusWRT-Merlin.) I immediately installed the latest version of AsusWRT-Merlin and configured it the way I am used to. It seemed to be working fine, all the devices in my house were working with it properly; but then gradually I noticed that it was dropping some traffic intermittently. I use PingPlotter to graph connectivity, and I could see a clear problem on the PingPlotter graph: (Evidently I can't paste an image on here...) I've annotated to graph thusly: Section "A" shows the flaky connectivity with the "new" router, with the AsusWRT-Merlin firmware installed. That's about 10 hours of fairly consistent flakiness. Then I removed the Asus router and replaced it with an old Linksys router that I had laying around. Section "B" shows what the connectivity looked like then--perfect. This convinced me that the problem was in the router and not on the line or the cabling. In section "C" I put the Asus router back in and reflashed it with the latest Asus firmware, to see if the AsusWRT-Merlin firmware was somehow causing the problem (so the solid red means no connectivity during that reflashing and reconfiguring process). Section "D" shows continued flakiness after the Asus router was reset to factory settings and reconfigured as per usual. So do I have defective hardware and need to complain to the eBay seller? Or is there some setting I'm not aware of that might be responsible for the "flakiness"? For example, I have no understanding of "AiMesh", "AiProtection", "AiCloud", etc. But it seems unlikely that those would cause the erratic dropouts. Any help much appreciated! - JR

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RT-AC68u Flaky?

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