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Setup Belkin Router N150 Without CD?

Belkin n150 wireless modem router setup without cd, how?

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Setup Belkin N150 Router Without CD:

The pin number you are referring to is presumably the WPA or WEP wireless security key. This can be viewed disabled or changed by accessing the router's user setup screens -- without needing the CD from my experience with something like 5 brands of router (though I haven't used Belkin I'm confident that they conform to the norm).

Step 1 : Connect the computer to the router with an ethernet cable.

Step 2 : See the literature which came with your router for how to access the user setup screens in the router or download the full manual from Belkin.

Step 3 : Once in go to wireless security and review or renew the wireless security type and password.

Step 4 : WPA PSK TKIP is the most common security type in use. Go to wireless mode and ensure that it's set to a protocol matching your computer's wireless adapter (mixed mode is a safe bet).

Step 5 : Disconnect ethernet cable.

Step 6 : Go to the computer's wireless networking setup screen and see if you can detect the router's SSID (wireless call sign). Select that network.

Step 7 : Apply the wireless security type and password to the computer's wireless networking setup screen.

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Belkin N150 Router Setup Without CD:

Step 1 : Type "" in your browser or type "https://router" (you do not need to type in anything else such as "www"). Then press the Enter key.

Step 2 : Go to Connection Type found under WAN. Click "Submit" if prompted to log in. 

Step 3 : Select your Internet connection from the options and then click "Next."

Enter your IP address and the rest like this:

-- IP Address:

-- Subnet mask:

-- Default gateway:

-- Preferred DNS server:

-- Alternate DNS server:

-- and then click "Apply Changes". 

Step 4 : Select "Channel and SSID" from under Wireless and then enter a unique name for your network into the SSID field. Click "Apply Changes". 

Step 5 : Click "Security." Choose "WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK)" from Security Mode. Select "WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK" from the Encryption Technique drop-down menu. 

Step 6 : Create a security key or password for the network. The key can consist of 8 to 63 characters"¦including letters numbers and punctuation"¦.and is case sensitive. 

Step 7 : Click on "Apply Changes". You are done configuring your Wireless Belkin router.

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