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Why my belkin router regularly drops out of the internet?

My Belkin router is constantly dropping out of the internet. I have 2 notebooks and 2 desktops accessing the router, but not at the same time. The drop out occurs even if only one ...


How do i secure my belkin router from neighbours?

I am positive we have someone else using our internet connection. The usage we have way exceeds what our family uses. I have a Belkin router how can I make it secure so others cant...


Belkin router password setup wireless n?

I just purchased a Belkin N Wireless Router. I set everything up right and was able to access the wireless connection. However there are about 14 wireless connections in my area (c...


How to setup belkin router password?

I bought wireless Belkin Router and set it up with my Desktop and also using one laptop on wireless connection. It never ask to set up password, one of my friend visted our home an...