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How do i secure my dell router?

I have set up my Dell router after reading instructions from manual. As for security purpose, I want to add a password to my Dell router. Also, please suggest me how to add advance...


Please help with dell truemobile 2300 router setup?

I have bought a new Dell truemobile 2300 router recently. I tried setting it up using the manual but something is not right I guess. The LED lights will blink for a while and then ...


How to find dell router's default password?

I made my Dell Router an access point and never changed the IP address to my existing network. I reset the router via the Reset button. But the main problem is that there is an unk...


How do i find the dell router username and password without resetting everything?

I am trying to open up my net settings for my xbox but i cant remember the username and password to change the network/router settings. It's a Dell router, one of the newer model...


How to setup wireless dell router over ptcl broadband?

I have a PTCL Evo 3G broadband modem and wireless Dell router -WA501. Can any one tell me how can I connect my mobile wifi through my PC and use the internet with PTCL broadband?...


How find my dell router password?

I forgot my dell router password, help me to get my password so that i can access my router. thanks...