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Why my dlink always disconnecting as frequently, need help?

Hello everyone! I have some connection issues with my D-Link Wireless N 150 router. When I connect my smartphone to Dlink router, I constantly get "Excellent" signal. But when I co...


Why some websites do not load properly after connecting to dlink router?

Hello everyone, I purchased Dlink router from my friend. I have also properly install Dlink router on my Windows 8 operating system. But I am facing a weird issue i.e., I can't acc...


How to know my wifi password on mac?

I have changed the password like 10 times and still others r been accessing my network help me to get others to stop using my network which i have been paying....


How to find out my wifi password mac?

I am staying with my grandparents, and I need to connect my computer to the Wifi. However, they have forgotten their password. How do I find out the password on my grandma's Mac?...