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How do i block msn access with my hp router and still allow normal web traffic?

I have an HP MSR931 3G 160Mbps router and would like to be able to block MSN, Skype, and Audio streaming while still allowing normal HTTP traffic. If I disable HTTP then MSN and au...


How to use range extender for my hp router?

We recently bought a Hp Route router .It worked great for our PC's our mac is now super slow on the internet if we can get it to connect at all. So i want to connect range extend...


Why my hp router is not compatible with hp laptop?

Is anyone familiar with HP MSR920 Ethernet Router .I've got an HP XE3 laptop running W2K that I've managed to connect to the Internet (cable broadband). I can get to my homepage, ...


Can't log into wireless hp router settings help?

I set a password for accessing the settings on my wireless router and whenever i want to log in, i type in the password i set and when i hit enter or submit, it adds extra characte...


How to change my wifi password?

I want to change my HP router password for some security reason. Is their any limits to change wifi passwords? Help...


Hp msr adsl setup help?

Help me to provide some easy steps, so that i setup my hp msr ads router. Thanks in advance...