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How to remove the communications gap between readynet router and the network?

I'm trying to add ReadyNet AC1200M wireless router within an intranet in order to get wireless access within our little area of the building. I can set it up, connect to it and get...


My linksys wireless router not working?

hi I have Linksys wireless router i want to connect with internet. When i try and connect to the internet from the router it doesn't work what should i do please need quick help?...


Port forward with belkin 54g router?

How do you port forward with a Belkin 54G router? I can not find on the internet no where telling me how to so please help? I am starting to think you cant do it with this router?...


How do i find the password for my belkin wifi?

I was trying to connect my iPod Touch to my WiFi and I need the password. My brother set it up and he doesn't know the password. Can anyone tell me how to get it or where to look? ...


How to hook up my belkin router with no computer?

hi I have a Belkin n300 router and i want to hook it up without laptop or PC. I am hooking it up through a frontier 7550 modem. is this possible? i have 2 of the same modems and ...