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How do i reset my linksys wireless router?

I forgot the password linksys wireless router and i got a new computer . How can I find That password ? Urgent Help....


How do i remove my linksys wireless router's password?

Hey, I have a Thomson modem, I'm not sure which one, but I need to remove my Linksys wireless router's password. How do I do this? Also, every time I got to the 192.168.1. wtv th...


Linksys wireless router not connecting?

I currently have a Linksys and can connect fine and also access admin config on the router through IE7. I also have another Linksys at work that I can also access. Last week we con...


Linksys router not connecting?

Hi all, I am trying to connect the linksys router with my laptop.. I have recently moved to India and wanted to connect to make my home WiFi and that's why I brought this router wi...


How to set up a linksys wireless router with a dsl modem?

How do I install a Linksys wireless G router to my existing DSL modem. I'm kind of new at this so I really need to know what wire goes where....


How to connect linksys wireless router?

Unable to connect my iphone via my linksys router. I have a WPA2 Personal not WEP security and if i try to change it it asks me to enter a key for key 1......HELP!!! Not got a clue...