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How to resolve readynet router wired connection problem?

I have a ReadyNet WRT300N router. It serves a desktop which is connected with a UTP cable, and a couple of laptops in a wireless fashion.I have noticed that at random times the int...


Why is my mac not connecting to router?

I have my Mac but it won't connect with router . I have tried it with 3 different routers and it all the same thing, it loads for about a minute and then the "!" pops up saying "no...


Why doesn't my netgear router work?

I followed all the intstructions on how to set it up. then when it checks for a connection, it says "no connection detected" Everything is hooked up exactly how the installation wi...


Would the wn2000rpt netgear range extender work with linksys wrt610n router?

I have a WRT610N router hooked up to my modem, and I need the WN2000RPT to extend the range towards the other corner of my house, would these two be compatible, and if so would mak...


My netgear router keeps dropping the connection?

My netgear wireless router keeps dropping my internet connection about every 5 minutes. It starts flashing an orange light then it turns green again. I tried unplugging the modem a...