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How to resolve readynet router problem after power failure?

Hello, my ReadyNet WRT300N-D6 router is not functioning in the wireless mode. It just had a power failure for about 3 hours. The hard wired connections work fine. Also, cannot reac...


How to access password of readynet router without changing current settings?

I have Readynet WRT300N-D6 router. I can't get a WiFi connection on my iPod Touch when I tried connecting to this router. I needed a password to get connected, but I forgot what ...


Can anybody provide me the resetting instructions of readynet router?

Recently I purchased ReadyNet WRT300N router.But I have forgotten my password.So I need instructions to reset the router to its default settings. Please, help me as soon as possib...


How to reset a readynet router?

Before some days my readynet router making a problem of internet connecting/disconnecting. so i want to reset this now. help me to do this. Thanks...


How to login to the readynet wrt300n?

I am unable to login my readynet router. i tried 3 times, but not success. What to do now? Help...