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How do i secure my readynet router?

Hello everyone, I have ReadyNet WRT300N-D6 router. Yesterday, I update my router's firmware. But after the firmware update, the internet speed is reduced drastically. I don't know ...


How to resolve readynet router wired connection problem?

I have a ReadyNet WRT300N router. It serves a desktop which is connected with a UTP cable, and a couple of laptops in a wireless fashion.I have noticed that at random times the int...


How to remove the communications gap between readynet router and the network?

I'm trying to add ReadyNet AC1200M wireless router within an intranet in order to get wireless access within our little area of the building. I can set it up, connect to it and get...


Why i am unable to get dynamic ip address from readynet router?

Hello, I have Charter Cable and I'm using a Readynet router. I set this up at my previous place and am trying to set it up again. I'm not able to get a dynamic IP address from the ...


How to access password of readynet router without changing current settings?

I have Readynet WRT300N-D6 router. I can't get a WiFi connection on my iPod Touch when I tried connecting to this router. I needed a password to get connected, but I forgot what ...


Can anybody provide me the resetting instructions of readynet router?

Recently I purchased ReadyNet WRT300N router.But I have forgotten my password.So I need instructions to reset the router to its default settings. Please, help me as soon as possib...