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How do i reset my linksys wireless router?

I forgot the password linksys wireless router and i got a new computer . How can I find That password ? Urgent Help....


Reset password for belkin wireless router?

I lost the original password for my wireless router. I can hook the internet up directly to my computer to get internet but my roommates cant use it. how do i reset the password wi...


My belkin wireless router is failing me, how can i fix this?

I have no idea how this is happening right now because my phone is performing fine using the wireless network. Yet my laptop is either going very slow or my connection reads limite...


How to change the wep key for the d-link wireless router?

When i insert the CD to change it, it starts to see if the router is connected everything is connected but the program tells me Modem not detected! Please check the following: ...


I cannot reset my password on a di-524 wireless router, please help!?

Hi I am following the instructions that the D-link websites and other forums say to reset the password and username, however its not working. I previously set up a user name and pa...