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Can't connect to zyxel router settings?

I am using Zyxel AMG1202-T10B router from last one year. Yesterday I reset my Zyxel router but after resetting I can't access router's settings. In fact, defaults credentials are a...


How to connect roku stick to wifi?

Hi, I have changed my router settings to the ones you stated above for DNS1 AND DNS2 and rebooted both devices and still have no luck :( please help....


Why my belkin wired router is not connecting to 2 pc at the same time?

I have a Belkin wired router and my 2 PC are connected with it. One connects to internet fine but another is working erratic and sometimes won't open web pages at all. This just st...


Why my trendnet router is not connecting to hp laptop?

Hello, I have a Trendnet Router, for some reason, my HP laptop cannot detect my network, it can detect other networks nearby but not mine. I have checked all router settings but I'...


Why my arris router router slowing lan down from 240 to 50?

When I connect my PC directly to modem I am getting 240Mb/s down and 20 up, but if I plug in my Arris router I am getting only ~50 down and 20 up. In my routers settings, I didn't ...