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How do i secure my synology router?

Hello, folks! I have a Synology Router RT1900ac at my home and usually, 3 devices are connected to it all the times. But from past few days, my speed has decreased drastically. I t...


Why does my synology router only have 11 mbps?

Hello, I have a Synology router that is connected to my internet cable connection and I have full internet access. I also have a Dell laptop and when I connect to the internet, the...


Why my synology router is not working in a wireless connection?

I have Synology router and Dvois broadband ISP. The problem is whenever I connect to the internet through Synology router, it works fine for some time. But after some time (approx ...


Synology router not working?

Hi, I got myself a new Synology RT2600ac router and a Netgear DM200 modem, as the old combo needed updating. So I have set both the modem and the router up apparently but no inte...