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Trouble Keeping Connection On Buffalo Router?

Hello, I recently started a new job and my company uses a wireless "Buffalo" router for their internet. The only problem is that it seems heavily encrypted and I get an error every time it tries to connect... I have already done some troubleshooting options and went into the router to find "a password" to make the internet work (temporarily). The main problem with this is that the password is _64 characters long of random numbers and letters_, and I have been typing this in multiple times a day to get it to work... I type this password into "Network Diagnostics" because this seems to be the only way to get the internet to connect. The password actually doesn't work from just selecting the wireless network from the Airport drop-down menu and saving the password in Network settings doesn't seem to work either. It seems like when the computer goes to sleep or is turned off, it loses the password and the connection and I have to go through the whole process of entering in a 64 digit password over again (you can imagine how annoying this in itself is, but think about how many times this has failed from typos, yeah, soooo annoying). Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to hard-line the internet connection here? I probably just think I know what I'm doing but if you guys have some advice, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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by Charles on 4 years ago