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How to Setup Belkin Router After Reset?

Tried to setup a 4 port Belkin wireless router as an access point only to connect to another wireless router it took the change. Changed its IP to but now I cant see the belkin at all via the maintenance page address. Tried the reset at the back but no luck is there any way to get the danged thing back to factory default if you cant see the maintenance screen?

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by Cherry on 6 years ago

How do I Connect My Roku to the Internet?

Hi, Had my Roku streaming stick for a few weeks, initially worked then stopped connecting to the internet. I've reset, it connects to wifi, connects to local network than i get a red X against 'Connect to Internet'. I can no longer use and it's really frustrating. I've tried disabling pings but it does nothing. Any help gratefully appreciated!!

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by Cherry on 3 years ago