What Steps do We Required to Make a Setup the Router as an Extender?

Hello Folks, I am a tp-link router user and facing errors in making a setup of a router device to use as an extender? Will you help me out by providing instant solutions. This tp-link router device I am using since for many years and have no idea how to fix it in a well professional way.

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In order to make your Tp_link router as an extender you need to make a few changes and then only it can work as an extender. I will discuss the necessary steps here. Follow the instructions mentioned carefully:

Step 1:
In order to make your Tp-Link router as an extender, it should be configured along the lines of your main router. So let us call your main router as R1 and Tp-Link router as R2. Reset both these routers first and configure the main router. Note down the IP address of the main router and change the secondary router's IP address in the same range but different.

Step 2:
The DHCP settings on the main router should be enabled, but R2 should be fixed. Your Tp-Link router does not work on its own and only extends the range of signal you are receiving from your ISP.

Step 3:
The other settings like the username and password for both R1 and R2 should be exactly the same, Make sure that you have entered and saved same SSID and Password for the both. Once these settings are configured move to next step

Step 4:
Once both routers have been configured, double check the wifi settings for both as it must be exactly the same. The DHCP settings on the main router will be ON while on the R2 it will be off. The R2 will have a different IP address than the R1 but in the same range. Now connect both the routers using an ethernet cable and you have successfully setup the TP-Link router as an Extender.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving and setting up your TP-link router as an extender. In case you have any further doubts and problems, feel free to respond back.

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What Steps do We Required to Make a Setup the Router as an Extender?

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