Where to Download Application for D-Link WBR 2310?

I have a D-Link WBR 2310 router. What I need right now is the application that setups the wi-fi connection and stuff. I accidentally deleted the application and lost the cd. Can anyone tell me where to download the application? The web setup works for me, but I want the application. Thanks alot

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To download the application for  D-Link WBR 2310 router, go to Dlink official website and download from there. After downloading, you have to setup your Dlink router

1. Firstly take an ethernet cable and connect your PC to LAN port of WBR-2310 router. Power on the device after connecting it to your PC.

2.To log in to the WBR-2310 wireless router, type the default IP address of the router on the address bar. The default IP address of the D-Link WBR-2310 router is
Before log on to the router, it will ask you the username and password. For a factory new D-link router, enter the following details.

User Name: admin

Password: {Leave this field blank}

3. You will be redirected to the settings page. Here you will see two different ways to configure WBR2310. They are by pressing Setup Wizard and Manual Configure.  Here I am using Setup Wizard.

4. To configure the Internet connection on this D-link router, click on the Setup Wizard button. Now the wizard will show you what steps it is going to complete while running the wizard. Click Next to continue.

5. Now you have to create a new password for your Dlink WBR-2310 Wireless Router. After entering the password at the required field, click Next.

6. You can select the correct time zone for D-Link router. Now you will get the option to setup the Internet connection for WBR-2310. Here you must select the type of broadband connection you are getting from your ISP.

Convert D-Link WBR-2310 to WiFi Access Point - Log into Dlink router and click on  Manual Configure button.Select Enable Access Point Mode. Now onwards you can use D link WBR 2310 as WiFi Access Point.

To enable wireless security- Click on Wireless Settings and check Enable Wireless checkbox. Change Wireless Network Name to a preferred name & select either WEP or WPA from the list.

To enable WPA - To enable WPA on D-Link WBR2310, we need to select the WPA wireless security from security mode list. Now the WPA settings page will appear. Here we need to enter the Passphrase.

Still having any query? Call at Dlink Router Technical Support Number.


Where to Download Application for D-Link WBR 2310?

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