Why Internet Crashes When Uploading with Apple Router?

I have Apple AirPort Express Base Station Router MC414HN-A. The main problem is that base station crashes whenever I upload anything over 10 kb/s. It will start blinking orange light for about a minute before coming back. It is nothing to do with my computer's own settings since it crashes regardless of if I'm uploading with my Samsung desktop.

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Apple Router Set-up:

1. Remove the router from your home network and connect your device directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable.

2. Make sure the modem is configured on 'bridge' mode. Additionally, check if the NAT, built-in firewall and the DHCP server are turned off.

3. Set up the PPPoE connection directly under your OS (this tutorial might interest you if you don't know how to do it).

4. Temporarily disable any software firewalls you might have installed (including the default one provided by Windows).

Try uploading something to YouTube again and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't, there's a problem with your firewalls or your router. You could try updating its firmware or flashing OpenWRT on it. If the problem persists, try those:

A). Run this speedtest check from DSLReports. Note down your idle latencies and maximum download and upload speeds. While uploading and downloading, also write down your bufferfloat values. If your idle latencies are higher than 200ms, there's something wrong with your ISP or your home network.

If your idle latencies are OK but the bufferfloat latencies are too high (way higher than 250ms) this confirms bandwidth saturation while transferring data, which can be fixed by limiting throughput on your applications and/or with adequate QoS packet scheduling systems.

B). Try uploading large amounts of data somewhere else. Check if page loading still hangs. If it doesn't, there's something inherently wrong with your browser and/or with YouTube. If it does, you just need to find a way to limit your upload speed.

C). I'm not aware of any YouTube settings or Firefox/Chrome extensions to limit your uplink, but you can try with an external program such as NetLimiter throttling Chrome's upload while browsing with another program such as Firefox. Set the upload limit to 60% of your upload bandwidth as measured on the DSLReports test above. Otherwise, run the test below:

D). Download a torrent client such as Deluge. Unlimit the upload speed and force outgoing and incoming encryption. Randomize the connection port. Have a friend outside your LAN do the same. Grab a large file (e.g. a Linux distro .iso), make a .torrent and give it to your friend. Start uploading data to him and check if your upload speeds are constantly hitting your maximum uplink bandwidth as measured on the test above.

Try browsing a page online, the problem should persist. Limit your upload speed to 60% of your maximum upload speed as measured on the test above. Try browsing a web page and see if the problem persists: it shouldn't. This just confirms the theory of bandwidth saturation if there is no management in place.

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Why Internet Crashes When Uploading with Apple Router?

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