Why is My MAC not Connecting to Router?

I have my Mac but it won't connect with router . I have tried it with 3 different routers and it all the same thing, it loads for about a minute and then the "!" pops up saying "no network connection" I have tried resetting the mac, turning the airport on and off, and forgetting the remembered networks. Nothing seems to help, and it has to be a problem with the Macbook itself at this point because it won't connect to anything. So i am Searching Quick Customer Support Help.

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Sometimes a simple driver in your Mac's operating system will malfunction that lead to disable Wi-Fi. If you have placed your Mac at a nearby position and still Mac is not connecting to the router then definitely there are some software issues that is troubling you. Make sure there isn't any Bluetooth device between your Mac and the router.

If you're getting poor results on your end even after aligning yourself directly with the router and still Mac is not connecting to router then restart your Mac and router otherwise your network connection will get interrupted. Although every router is unique, you can resolve connectivity issues by turning off the router's power source for a few seconds. Now take an ethernet cable connect your Mac directly to the router.

If your Mac is not connecting to router then use Ethernet cable for connecting your MAC to the Internet. If you are using Ethernet cable for connecting to internet then you need to enter the settings which you have received from your network administrator or ISP into Network preferences.

For connecting to an Ethernet network, make sure your Mac is connected to the network Ethernet device such as router and Ethernet cable. In case, you are using a DSL modem, make sure it’s connected to your Mac's Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable.

Now turn on modem and router and follow these steps:-

  • Select Apple menu and navigate to System Preferences. After this, click on Network option.
  • Now you will see network connection services list, just choose Ethernet.
  • Go to Configure IPv4 pop-up menu and select your ISP's recommended configuration method.
  • Now click on Advanced > DNS. After this, enter the IP address of your ISP’s DNS server in the DNS Servers field.
  • Finally, click on Apply button to make the settings active for the Ethernet service. Now your Mac will connect with the router.

Also, check these points for connecting Mac to router:-

a) Reboot your router. For this process, you need to disconnect the router from power for about 30 seconds, then plug it in and turn it back on. By doing this process, your Mac will connect to router.

b)  If you have tried Mac resetting but the problem is same then reboot your Mac. If there's still an issue after you've rebooted, then turn Wi-Fi off and then waiting a few seconds. After some time, turn back on again to force it to scan for available networks again. To turn Wi-Fi off and on again, first, click on the Wi-Fi logo in the menu at the top right of your Mac and Choose " Turn Wi-Fi Off" button.

c) Try disconnecting Bluetooth.This is a fix that has worked for some people. For disconnecting Bluetooth, first, click on the Bluetooth icon at the top right and select "Turn Bluetooth Off" button.

d) Also, check your router's location. To get a better signal, make sure your router is not placed near any large metal surfaces. Move your Apple laptop closer to your router and see if you get a signal from there. This process is very important for establishing good connection between Mac and router.

e) If you have forgotten router password then reset it to default settings. After resetting, you can easily connect your Mac with the router. 

Still having issues then connect with Customer Support Help.

Hello, Lora

Please Follow the steps below one by one.

Step 1. First connect the Netgear router directly to your Mac using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to the WAN port on your router and another end to your MAC. Now open the web browser and see if you can access the internet. If the internet connection is not there contact ISP otherwise go to next step. 

Step 2. First, reset your router by pressing the ‘reset’ button at the back and switch it on, let it stabilize for few minutes.

Step 3. Open your web browser and type in ‘’ to access the Netgear setup page.

Step 4. Go to advanced setting and type in SSID and password in the respective blanks. This your router password and will be used to access router settings.

Step 5. Go to wireless settings and enter a name for your device and password for your wifi setup. Once done click on save.

Step 6. Now your router will reboot again, once done put the setup back in normal position.

Step7. Your setup is complete now, so try clicking on the Airport icon on your MAC screen, select the connection with your device’s name which you chose in the previous step and enter the password when prompted.

Step 8. Update your Router’s firmware, they contain encoded instructions to run your router smoothly. So make sure it is up to date.

Step 9. You should be able to access internet facility now.

The above-mentioned steps should solve your problem 9/10 times but in case the problem still persists, it could be because of a software glitch. Try contacting Netgear Router Customer Support for further assistance.

Why is My MAC not Connecting to Router?

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