Why is My Router Slowing Down My Internet So Much?

Hi I am using a belkin F64230-4 v1 wireless router and I have been having problems with it for the past while now. I recently switched my ISP and was using this router it was taking ages to load web pages yet the speed tests said i had around 2.5 MB which would normally be reasonably fast, i tried plugging directly into my modem and the speed was reading the same at around 2.5 MB yet web pages loaded so much faster. After messing around with my routers settings i decided to restore it to factory setting and i was amazed at the difference, for around 3-4 days my speed was just as good as it was when i plugged directly into my modem and now it has gone back to its old ways, once again it is very slow yet the speed tests still claim it to be 2.5 megs. I have ordered a new router from ebay but im just wondering if any of you have any ideas as to why this is happening as the router is only around a year old (i have already tried upgrading the firmware but no difference made) Thanks.

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Well, going by your query, there are a number of possibilities which might be responsible for your Router Slowing Down. I will discuss certain troubleshooting techniques to help you out. If these steps are not of much help, you can contact Belkin Router Technical Support for complete assistance.

Step 1: Make sure your wifi is password protected since a number of unwanted devices might be using your internet without your knowledge leading to Router slowing down.

Step 2:
Connect your Belkin Router to your computer using an Ethernet cable, and open your web browser. Type in the URL field and hit "Enter". This will redirect you to your router's homepage.

Step 3:
Enter your "Username" and "Password" in the respective fields and hit Enter. If you don't know the "Username" type "admin" and leave the password field blank and hit Enter.

Step 4:
Now you are on the main page of your router, look for wireless settings and change the "Security Type" to either WPA or WPA2 and enter the "Password" of your choice in the given field. Apply the changes and close the window. Now your Wifi can be used only by your devices.

Step 5:
One other main reason for Router Slowing Down is due to the interference, your home network Wifi works on a bandwidth of 2.4 Ghz which is also the same bandwidth for most of your home appliances like your microwave, cordless phone, your smart TV. So these devices cause the signal strength to weaken. Change your Router's operating bandwidth from 2.4Ghz to 5.0 GHz. This will reduce the interference and solve the issue of your Router Slowing Down.

Step 6:
You can change the bandwidth channel from your router's default home page.

Step 7:
Monitor your data flow, check which devices are consuming so much data that it is not even allowing you to open or load web pages. Make sure to eliminate these devices or block them if they are not yours.

Step 8:
Connect only those devices to the network which need data to function, unnecessary connections also lead to the improper functioning of your router.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps helped you in getting a solution to your problem. Kindly revert back if the issue persists and make sure to mention which step you didn;t follow. If you need technical help for the same, contact Belkin Router Technical Support.

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Why is My Router Slowing Down My Internet So Much?

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