Why is My Wireless HP Router Slowing Down the Speed of Internet in My PC(Desktop)?

Hi, The problem is that, Every time i connect my PC through the Hp router, the speed slows down 40-50%. I am using a dial-up cable connection (PPPoe, Dynamic IP), no other wireless device is connected to my router ( Laptop or Mobile) . When i connect The cable to my PC directly the speed is okay. ( I coped my PC MAC ID in my router). But Strangely at night after 1.30 am every day my routers speed gets perfectly fine, till 7 am in morning, then again speed drops. Please i need solution for this.

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If your router internet speed is decreasing then you must understand there is something wrong with your device. When such trouble arise, try these fixes that are described below -

1.Check HP router settings – Various times, a router itself is responsible for slowing down the internet connection. If you have set MTU values as too high or too low then your router’s performance will decrease.


If you have any confusion while applying necessary settings to the router then ask for professional support by making a call on HP router Technical Support Number.

2.Avoid Signal Interference – A wireless router performance gets decrease if there exist signal interference. Various household appliances and even neighbors wireless network can create signal interference issues. So, place your router near to your system.

3.Beware of malware, viruses – It might be possible that your system is infected by malware, viruses and this could be the reason that your internet speed is decreasing continuously. So, it is suggested by experts to update your antivirus software to remove malware from your system.

4.Stop Background applications - If there are some background applications are running on your system then immediately close them as they are also responsible for hogging bandwidth. If you are watching videos and downloading large files at the same time then definitely your internet speed will get reduced.

If you have checked all these steps and still HP router is slowing down then you should reach out at HP Router Support Number where experts will instantly fix your issue by using remote technology. You can also contact your ISP if you suspect that ISP is responsible for slowing down your internet connection.

Hi, Reset your HP router and also disable firewall. Also try to update firmware version of your router.

Why is My Wireless HP Router Slowing Down the Speed of Internet in My PC(Desktop)?

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