Why my apple wireless router cuts in and out for pc, but not for ipad?

Recently I purchased AirPort Express wireless router but I am facing serious issues with it. I may start out connected to the router or not, but either way, it switches after a minute or two. Sometimes that gap is shorter, sometimes longer (usually longer when it is not finding the router). The timing coincides perfectly between my laptop and my android phone. I've tried my work laptop and that has the same issues. My iPad and my roommate's Mac have no problem in finding the wireless signal. The PS4 is wired to the modem without any issues. I cannot figure out why I am facing this trouble. Can some one explain and help me resolve this issue?

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Answer Post By : Richard Hernandez Richard Hernandez
7 months ago


First you should check it for firmware updates...

. What security are you using on it?

. Use a wired connection and do the system updates... Reset the router and redo your settings.

. Use WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access)2 security and a raw phrase as the pass key.

. Delete the SSID from your WiFi clients and reconnect new.


Why my apple wireless router cuts in and out for pc, but not for ipad?

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