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Why My Belkin Wired Router is Not Connecting to 2 PC at the Same Time?

I have a Belkin wired router and my 2 PC are connected with it. One connects to internet fine but another is working erratic and sometimes won't open web pages at all. This just started suddenly. I have checked my PC and all is fine with it. Also, the PC that does work gets the error message upon booting and could not reconnect all network drives. Is there something I can do to check the router settings as to why only one works fine but another does not. Please help me to resolve this trouble as I am too much worried about this!

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The problem of connecting two PC to the Belkin Wired router arises due to a number of reasons. Follow the instructions below carefully to fix your issue. In case these problems persist, you can contact Belkin Support Centre for complete technical assistance.

  1. Change your IP address Settings: Sometimes the router is put in fixed Ip address mode so when more than 1 PC is connected it can’t recognize the other one. So go to your IP address router setting and change it to dynamic.
  2. Contact your ISP: Most of the time this issue arises due to the MAC address conflict. Generally, your ISP assigns a Mac Address to your connection which is your PC (which is working fine) so you have to ask your ISP to provide you with other settings for your router to accommodate two PC on a wired connection.
  3. Change Bandwidth: If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has already provided you with multiple MAC address access then the hinderance in the connection could be because of low bandwidth. So change your bandwidth of the router from regular 2.1 GHz to 5.0 GHz. As most of the electronic devices at your home run at the same bandwidth, thus causing hindrance in the signal strength.
  4. Update to latest firmware: The firmware contains important encoded messages for the proper functioning of your router device. So make sure to update your router to the latest firmware and change the Router Settings accordingly.
  5. Reset your Belkin router: Resetting your router to the factory setting is the last troubleshooting option if any of the above didn’t work. So press the “Reset” button at the back of your Belkin router for 10-20 seconds. This will wipe all the settings and changes made to your router and turn it back to the factory settings. This is recommended as some of the issues arise due to faulty settings as well.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting techniques helped you in connecting two PC to your computer. In case you have difficulty in following any of the steps mentioned, kindly revert back with your query.

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Why My Belkin Wired Router is Not Connecting to 2 PC at the Same Time?

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