Why My HP Router is Not Working Flawlessly?

I bought HP MSR931 3G 160Mbps router a month back and it was working flawlessly for 2 weeks. But now stops working on its own then I reset it. It works but mostly again gets disconnected after 5 minutes although my PTCL DSL modem is working fine when I directly connect it to PC. In my HP router, there is an SYS light which when blinks/flashes mean it's working fine and the internet is working but randomly it stops blinking after around 5-10 minutes and sometimes it doesn't and net works fine. So please help me out, want to fix it urgently.

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Use the following steps to troubleshoot and get your router running.
1- Use automatic troubleshooting first:
Either use the windows troubleshooting or the hp provided tool to troubleshoot your network.
2- Go to start menu and search troubleshooting option and then click on network and internet.

3- Click on network connections.
4- Then go to advanced settings.

5- Click Run as administrator (if present), check the box for Apply repairs automatically, then click Next.

6- Click on troubleshoot my connection to internet then click on next. Follow the instructions to check the problem.

7- After the troubleshooting is complete the windows will display a problem message (if any), read that carefully it will give you an idea.
8- If the system doesnt show any problems and your wifi is still not working then follow the below steps.
9- Remove and reinstall the network adapter drivers as it will reset the configuration of your adapter. You can use preferred hp driver support or the windows control panel options.
10- Above steps should solve your problem but if that is not the case then reset your hardware i.e turnoff your pc and remove all the connections to your router and reinstall it.
If after performing these steps also you dont get the desired results then try restoring your computer using windows system restore as it would restore your computer to the last time it was working well.

Why My HP Router is Not Working Flawlessly?

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