Why My Synology Router is Not Working in a Wireless Connection?

I have Synology router and Dvois broadband ISP. The problem is whenever I connect to the internet through Synology router, it works fine for some time. But after some time (approx 20-30 minutes), it doesn't open websites other than Google and Facebook. When I use Ethernet cable for connecting router to PC, everything gets fine. As I need wireless connection so it is not possible to use a wired connection. I want to know is there any issue with my Synology router or ISP? Please help to resolve this problem.

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The issue of your Synology router not working properly with the wireless connection could occur due to various reasons, here we will discuss different troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. Follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Reboot your router: Rebooting your router is a very basic step and makes sure that small hiccups like the connection could be sorted out. Reboot your router i.e switch off your router and wait for few minutes before turning it on. Once the router is powered on, let it stabilize for few minutes and see if the issue still persist.

2. Change your router's bandwidth channel: Your home based network works on a bandwidth of 2.1 GHz which is also the same for most of your home appliances like your cordless phone. TV remote, microwave etc. these appliances may cause the disturbance in the signal strength of your router. Thus, it is advisable to change your bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz which is free from all kinds of disturbance.

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3. Update the Firmware: Firmware contains encoded messages for your router to function properly, it also removes issues from previous versions to make your router run smoothly. So it is recommended to update the firmware to the latest version from your Vendor's website. It is free of cost.

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4. Reset your router: If any of the above-given steps did not resolve the issue, reset your router to factory settings. This step will ensure that any glitch occurring due to change in settings will be resolved. Press the "Reset" button at the back of your device for 20-30 seconds and power it on after few minutes. Make sure not to overdo this procedure as resetting your device 3-5 times can lead to permanent damage to your router.

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5. Contact your ISP: In case the issue persists, contact your ISP as there may be some technical issue from their side.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps helped you in getting to a solution. In case you did not understand any part or having difficulty, kindly revert back with your query and I will be happy to reply.

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Why My Synology Router is Not Working in a Wireless Connection?

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