Why My Tenda Router Connection Speed is Low at Night?

I am using TendaTE-N3 Wireless N150 Router and there are times where the wifi speed from the usual 55/mbps drops to about 1 or less, especially around midnight. I've tried to change the wifi channel and update the firmware, but it hasn't helped. My area is fairly congested and I need a good network speed. Please tell me how can I fix this problem? Thanks in advance

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Tenda Router Connection Speed is Low:

Your wireless router’s position can affect your coverage area and the strength of your signal. If you have a modem, you don't have to have the router in close proximity to your modem. Ideally, a Wi-Fi router should be in a central location.

Quick Tips to Position Your Router for the Best Signal:

i. Place the router in the middle of your house. If you place the router in a room off to the side of your house, you won’t get as strong a signal on the other side of your house.

ii. Position the router’s antenna vertically, so that the antenna is standing straight up. Antennas can be adjusted and lie horizontally, but standing straight up is generally the ideal position.

iii. Elevate your router away from floors. You’ll get better reception if the router is on a desk, not on the floor.

iv. You should also pay attention to the kinds of materials the router is near. For example, placing the router on a metal desk or up against a metal wall will cause problems. Signals can travel through a wood desk easily, but metal will obstruct the signals.

Note: A variety of household appliances may cause wireless interference. Depending on the position of the Tenda device, your networked device, and the appliance, you may even have the wireless network cut out when your microwave or cordless phone is in use. Plus, older Bluetooth devices can interfere with nearby Wi-Fi signals, although newer Bluetooth devices don’t. Ensure that microwave isn’t between the Tenda device and your wireless devices, in this way, problems with microwaves can often be solved.


Step 1: Right click on Computer, select Properties, and then click Device Manager.

Step 2: Point to Network adapters and find your wireless network adapter.

Step 3: Right click on your wireless network and select Properties, switch to Power Management tab

Step 4: Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, press OK.

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Why My Tenda Router Connection Speed is Low at Night?

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