Why My Tenda W316 Router Not Working?

I tried making my Tenda router work under DHCP today and I couldn't get it to do so.I decided to get the firmware from the official site, and I upgraded it.Since then, I can't even see the router in my wireless connections or access the configuration page.I tried unplugging it, resetting it, etc. Nothing works.Can anybody suggest me the solution for this? Thank you!

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  • Bart

Hello Bart , just unplugs your Tenda router which will enable you to access the configuration page. If it does not reset then there might be some internal hardware issue with your router.

You should also try to reset the modem as well to make sure both have a "clean" connection.If not try resetting the modem if your modem is separate from your router. Give this a try and see what happens.

Why My Tenda W316 Router Not Working?

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