Windows and Android Devices Cannot Connect to Airport?

I was facing some network problem & because of this, I reset my Time Capsule. And after resetting Time Capsule, all Windows PC that is available at my home refuse to connect to WiFi. The same problem lies with my Android phone. On the other hand, when I plug an ethernet cable into Apple Airport router, there does not exist connectivity issues. Before resetting Time Machine, the web worked under OS, Windows, and Android as well. Does anyone know why windows and Android devices are not connecting to Airport?

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The reason for your Airport router to not able to detect your Android and Windows devices can be attributed to the fact that Windows7 did not provide a software update for your device to be able to connect to the Airport router. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem, kindly follow them carefully.

1. Troubleshoot Network Adapter settings:
Your computer and router have inbuilt troubleshooting methods to take care of minor software snags or internal settings conflict. So run the troubleshoot on your network and see if that resolves the issue. Otherwise move on to next step.

2. Upgrade Network adapter Drivers:
The connectivity is controlled via drivers embedded into your Airport router. So head over to your vendor's official website and see any available updates are there to download. Download the latest driver and install it on your device. Restart the whole setup and see if the issue is resolved.

3. Restore your computer:
If the above-mentioned steps did not help you to resolve the problem then restore your computer from the saved backup. This will resolve any software glitch or settings conflict in the system preventing your Android and Windows devices from setting up.

4. Reset your Router:
If the given instructions did not help you resolve the problem, it is recommended to restore the router to factory settings. This will ensure that any change in setting causing the problem in your Airport router will be wiped out.

Hopefully, these methods helped you in getting to a solution and fix your Airport router issues. In case if your router still has a similar issue, then revert back to your detailed settings configuration, so that I can figure out where the problem is.

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Windows and Android Devices Cannot Connect to Airport?

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