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Ever Since Firmware 2.27 Upgrade to Fix QOS Problem?

Ever since I've upgraded my firmware on my Buffalo Router and Access Points WZR-1750DHP to the current firmware of 2.27 to fix my QOS issue my Access Points have become quite unstable. They bounce randomly throughout the day. I've called Buffalo technical support and they don't seem to care. Buffalo Tech has said that I can't 'Roll Back' to a previous firmware and all they suggested is to replace them. Replacing them with new units with older firmware wont fix my issue because then QOS will be broken. I noticed NTP was an issue in the previous firmware as well. I currently have that service disabled on my Access Points. I don't know what could be causing this problem or what to double check. Before the firmware upgrade all units were stable. They are all the same make/model.. The actual 'Master' router seems to be stable with the 2.27....just not the AP's. Ideas?

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by Steve on 3 years ago

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