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How Do I Secure My Belkin Router From Neighbours?

I am positive we have someone else using our internet connection. The usage we have way exceeds what our family uses. I have a Belkin router how can I make it secure so others cant access it? Thank you.

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Belkin Router

by Albert on 2 years ago

How To Setup TP Link Router Tl-Mr3220?

Hello, folks I was using a router provided by my ISP for over a month along with the iiNet connection and modem. I noticed the router was not upto the mark and that is why I bought the TP-Link TL-MR3220 recently. The problem here is I connected it to my modem as the old router was connected, same colored wire combination but the router did not respond. Can anyone tell me if I did something wrong or the router is at fault?

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TP-link Router

by Alfie on 2 years ago

How To Configure Buffalo Router Without CD?

Please give me the steps also do I want to install it without CD? And can anyone also just give me the link to steps if you are busy?

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Buffalo Router

by Herry on 2 years ago