About us

Router Technical Support forum has been created after analyzing and looking on the internet where a quality technical forum is rare to find and whatever ones are there, they are not up to the mark. Our forum has been devised in a way to strictly provide detailed information and solutions to the queries put up by the users. We at Router Technical Support understands the agony and pain a user might have to go through when their router malfunctions at the oddest hours and when you need it the most. The forum has been created to provide quick and easy solutions for common router problems where a user can post their problem or answer one.

The answers posted on this forum are thoroughly checked and reviewed by our team of router network engineers cum experts before making it online. We are focusing on providing quick and easy solutions and catering our services to the layman who might not be completely aware of the working of their routers but using the forum and detailed description even they can make their routers workable.

Who can ask questions on Router technical Support forum?

Anyone who has an account on the website can put forth their issue and ask questions. That is how the forum works. As soon as you ask your question, it will be reviewed first for spam and when it is cleared, it will be put online.

The website is free to use for everyone and if you feel that you have an answer to a query, you are most welcome to write the answers too. The answer will be reviewed as well before making it online.

What is the reliability of the solution provided on the website?

Our focus is to make everyone aware and informative about their routers and problems associated with it. This is the reason each and every answer put forth on the website is first reviewed by our team of network engineers and when it is cleared from their side then only it is made online.

We focus on providing the easiest and more informative solution in a detailed manner to make your work easier.

Does the website provide a solution for the complicated issue?

The Router Technical Support forum will try to provide an easy and detailed description along with the solution to any query put forth by the users depending on the nature of the query.

It could be a simple router reset process or complicated driver or port forwarding related issue. If there is a possibility of a solution Router Technical Support will for sure provide you that.

How is it different from other similar websites?

We have designed the website to provide a solution and not just a platform for discussions. Each and every answer and question are thoroughly reviewed first and then only it is made public.

The answers put on here focus on detail and stepwise information to make it even for non-tech people to understand and help themselves with their routers. You have an option to rate the answers and help us evolve too.

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