Why Does The WiFi Extender Keep Losing Connection?

If you are facing a lost connection issue with your wifi extender, then here is how you can resolve this issue. First, form a connection between the wifi extended and the power source with the help of a power adaptor, then connect your device to the network of the extender, now go to www.mywifix.net and fill in-

all the login credentials to log in to your account, always use an updated version of the extender, you can update the latest version of the firmware of the extender by checking the alerts; once the updating procedure is done, you can perform a reset on your extender. After resetting it, form a connection between your device and the extender and configure your extender again.

What Is a Wifi Extender?

A Wi-Fi extender is basically used to upgrade the range of the internet. It can also be called as wifi booster. To do this extender rebroadcasts the existing signal of the wifi. To connect the wifi extender, we require antennas, electrical outlets, receivers, and replicates.

The best part of using a Wi-Fi extender it that it overcomes dead poles like stairs, electrical appliances, corners, etc. Ideally, it can be used in areas like bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. It can establish both types of connection wired and wireless.

Working On Wi-Fi extender

The extender acts as a bridge between the routers. It captures the wifi from one router and rebroadcasts it to other routers help to improve the internet connection where there is a weak signal. The device will continue working until it is manually switched off. The best place to place the wifi device is the center of the area.

Before we learn about wifi, extenders keep losing connection. It’s really important to how the connection is established with the extender.

Method To Establish Connection With Wifi Extender

The following are the methods to make connections between the wifi extender and router.

Method1:- Setting Up The Frequency

It is always advisable to connect the wifi extender with the router having the same frequency and bandwidth as of extender.

Always remember that the profile of security should also be the same for both profiles.

Method 2:- Connection Through SSID

Always try to use the router and wifi extender with a different SSID. The reason behind this is that different SSIDs of the router lead to proper connection. If you use both devices of the identical SSID, then you will face a weak connection.

Hence, it will disconnect again and again. If you are using the router and wifi extender of a different SSID, then even if your connections become slow, you can upgrade it by changing some settings.

Method 3:- Wifi Extender Via Hardwire

If LAN ports are available in your wifi extender device, then always try to connect it to the router using the ethernet cable. This will free up some air and will also make the network strong.

It is always advised that if your device is situated in the overlapped area of the Wi-Fi extender and the router, then always try to make the connection via hardwire. The reason for this is that it prevents your device from receiving wireless packets duplicate times.

Process To Resolve Issue - The WiFi Extender Keeps Losing Connection

In this process, I will explain to you how can you upgrade the firmware of the extender while facing problems in the network. The following are the steps for this method.

Step 1) Connect the wifi extender to the live power outlet and provide a power adapter.

Step 2) While making the connection, always remember that the extender should be in the range of wifi of the wireless router. Connect the device to the network of the extender.

Step 3) Go to the address www.mywifiext.net. This will open the GUI interface of the extender.

Step 4) Fill the credentials like user name and password. Also, save the password so you do not need to type it whenever you visit there again. It will be taken as default.

Step 5) Make sure you are using an updated version of the extender. If it is not then the first update.

Step 6) There are alerts for the latest version on the top of the firmware of the extender. You can update it by clicking on it.

Step 7) Else, Go to the page of the device update. Hit the check button. If there will be any updates you can do it from there.

Step 8) Once the update procedure is completed. Reset the extender with the help of a paperclip.

Step 9) Connect your device with the extender.

Step 10) Now, reconfigure your extender.


In this blog, I have shared some vital information about wifi extenders. I have also provided you with the process to fix the Wi-Fi extender keeps losing connection issues.