How to Use Laptop as a Router?

I wanted to get rid of my bulky monitor and needs to replace it with my laptop. However it is the best idea to use laptop as a router. You can use your laptop as a router only if you have multiple devices including with one laptop at the availability of one modem. Usually in your Microsoft windows system you can also include your extra wireless networks to the system.

Although if you create the other wireless network in your laptop also it provides to other three devices b knowing the network name as well as key. These all things which you have done is for establishing your own personal key as the network which you have just created.

A Few Steps for How to Use Laptop as a Router as Discussed Below:

  1. For this first go to the control panel in laptop's and then you needs to select the network connection icon which is located under network/internet connection category. Give a right click to wireless network connection icon and then choose properties. Then click to the tab of wireless networks and then choose the add button as located in the wireless network icon.
  2. Now select the SSID or your network name and choose an option of the manually assign the network key. (Remember keep all data encryption as in WEP). Then after creating your own network key make it confirm.
  3. Don't use wireless access points if using then you have to identify your network of the computer-to -computer network. Then click the tab of Connections. Check the box which is marked as connect when this network is in range. Verify it properly.
  4. Then back to return the network connection category. Firstly make sure that an Ethernet connection of a laptop is perfectly working with your modem. Then select an option of wireless network setup.
  5. Now proceed these two programs until and unless you will be reach the select a connection method and then choose this computer device is connected directly via the internet. Therefore other computers in your network which is connected to the internet as by other computer devices. Now select next screen and select local area connection as this appears into your internet connection screen.
  6. In the next screen only if needed to choose your private connection. And then select the wireless connection option and then proceed to next screen. Now persist to reach one end and then select for not to create the disk setup of a network.
  7. Let connect the network which you have created into your laptop by using network key that are able to access it. Once this provide an IP address from your laptop to act as a router.

Hope these above steps will make more comfortable to complete your task without seeking any technical support. Now this your laptop will act for using a laptop as a router.