Setup TP Link Router Without CD

Setup TP Link Router without CD

These devices are highly expensive in cost yet you face some errors like TP-Link router password issues installing configuring problems may occur anytime but don't panic for any conclusions Contact at TP Link Router.

To setup TP Link router without CD then leave the cd inside your router packaging it doesn't need.

Here are Some Major Steps to Set up TP Link Router without CD as Mentioned Below:-

Step 1) First of all connect your hardware TP Link router devices power off your modem and if you have an existing routers connections disconnect it.

Step 2) Connect an Ethernet Cable and internet port with your router to its modem LAN Port.

Step 3) Now Connect your PC with an Ethernet port which as labeled (1-4) with your TP Link Router and an Ethernet Cable.

Step 4) After powering your modem wait for 5-6 minutes to get it turn on.

Step 5) Get Plug your the power adapted into the power jack and the other one into the wall socket. To start your router power the ON/OFF button. Let's set your configuration wizard for TP Link Router.

Step 6) After completing your router configuration click on next to continue and kindly save your settings on the desktop. Unfortunately, if you don't remember your network security Key just check your router settings.

Step 7) To close the wizard click on Finish. If you want more advanced settings you can go to the Web Management Interface.

Step 8) Your TP Link router settings will now be completed. For Wi-Fi connectivity, you can visit at http//

TP Link is the name of a technology co. which was developed and marketed by Shenzhen China and was established in 1996 by two brother such as Zhao Jianjun and Zhao Jiaxing resp. TP Link is a computing network-based for SOHO (small office and home office).

TP Link routers are more demanded in the market and found to be successful in business and for schools projects colleges and are widely used for official use as well as home. This electronic equipment delivers a bunch of data from one route to another route.