How To Secure TP Link?

How to secure wireless network by using ADSL Modem Router with WPA2-PSK?

Secure TP Link Router:

Step 1: Open the web browser and type the IP address of the device in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2: Type the username and password in the login page the default username and password both are admin Then click OK to log into the device.

Step 3: Click on Wireless->Security on the left side to open the security setting page

Step 4: Configure the wireless security settings for your network shown as below:

Select WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK for Network Authentication

Enter your Key/Password into WPA Pre-Shared Key box

Select TKIP or AES for the WPA Encryption

Step 5: Click on Save/Apply to save your settings.

Note: The numbers of the key should be between 8~63. , how do i secure my wifi extender

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Secure TP Link Router :

1) Open the web browser that you use: Firefox Google Chrome IE or Opera and type in the IP address for your router and press the Enter key >> < Router ip addresses can be found here.

2) A window will open and then type in your routers default username and password and press the Enter key again < Router usernames and passwords found here ***** Username and Password may also be located on the side or bottom of your router *****

3) Navigate to the Wireless SecurityNetwork Security Settings Tab and open locate or change your WEP or WPA Security Passphrase. >> Use WPA because it provides better security.

4) Write this Security Passphrase down and put it in a safe place to access when needed.

5) Save settings and close your browser. , how do i secure my wifi extender

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How To Secure TP Link

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