How to Configure TP Link Router as Access Point

Hello, Please let me know about how to configure TP Link router as access point. I have no idea about configuration of TP Link router access point.

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Configure TP-Link Router as Access Point

To configure the TP-link router as your access point, you have to first go to the wireless settings, configure the name of your network, and save the name. The name can be either similar or different from the name of your main router. After going to the wireless security, it is recommended to go for the most secure option, and then once it is configured, you have to save the changes in your security settings by selecting the "save" option. After this, you have to disable the server of DHCP from DHCP settings.

The next step will be to configure the TP-link router as an access point and reboot the device. 

How Do You Configure a TP-Link Router as an Access Point?

In this article, you are going to learn how to use a TP-Link router as an access point. The main router is going to get linked to the main router through the LAN port. The WAN port cannot be used for configuration purposes.

Step 1: To configure the TP-link router as an access point, connect your desktop to the second LAN port, which is placed in the second position. Use an ethernet wire for the connection.

Go to the internet-based interface of the router by entering the IP address in the address bar. The IP address is given at the bottom of your router.

Step 2: In the next step, go to network and then navigate to LAN. Make changes in the LAN IP address of your TP-Link router. This IP address will be outside the DHCP range of your main router.

Step 3: To configure the TP-link router as an access point, go to wireless and then move to wireless settings. Also, you must configure the name of your network. This can be similar to or different from the name of the main router. You can save that name by clicking on save.

Step 4: Go to wireless and then go to wireless security for configuring the wireless network security. It is recommended for you to use the most secure option. Once it gets configured, then you can save the changes made in the security settings by clicking on save.

Step 5: Go to DHCP and then move to DHCP settings. After that, disable the server of DHCP.

Step 6: In the next step to configure TP-link router as an access point, move to system tools, and select the option of a reboot for rebooting the device.

Step 7: Use an ethernet wire for connecting the TP-Link router to the main router by attaching them to the LAN ports. Any of the LAN ports can be used. Alternately, any wireless device gets access to the TP-Link router by following the network name and password setup steps that are given above.

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