Tenda Router Not Detecting Internet Connection?

Anyone else had or is having this problem. We first thought it was our router, but now we're using the wireless directly from the modem and it is showing as connected, but we get no internet access. It is working at the moment, but it keeps going off at the most inconvenient times.

Some users face pitfalls why my Tenda Router not detecting Internet Connection? What factors affecting to the network connection, this method describes and helps to troubleshoot an issue. Let us give a look what is the reason behind this.

Method to Resolve Tenda Router not Detecting Internet Connection as:

Firstly Connect All Devices Together

  • Using an Ethernet cable gets to connect to your PC by one of its yellow LAN ports of a Tenda router device.

  • Make sure that the light that corresponds to a LAN port at which an Ethernet cable is connected should be lit. Just precede the process to the next step. In other case, get connect to your PC device with a yellow LAN port or get to change its Ethernet cable.

  • If problems yet, then, get to continue its next method.

Login to the Tenda Web-Based Setup Page

First of all, search the login IP address which is located on the back of a Tenda Router device. Now users can hit the enter key into an address bar of any of your web browsers. If you have access to the login credentials as username and password then, enter it.

If it appears only, usually both username and password is admin. If you’ve recently changed a Tenda router IP address, then login it with a new IP address and password.

Verify the Status of a New Connection into a Tenda Router Setup Page

Step 1: Give one click to Advanced Settings when you entered to login the setup page.

Step 2: Choose a System Status/Status/Device into the main menu device. Warning: Users find the main submenu of Advanced Settings, and click on System Status.


Step 3: Now locate a network status/or a WAN Status. Here customers find a status connection or a right status there.


Hopefully, these steps will resolve Tenda Router Internet Connectivity issues.

The Other Issues to Fix Tenda Router Network Connections are:

To reset the Tenda Router device into its factory default settings. Under a setup page, first, choose a system tools/management tool in the main menu. Now select to restore the factory default or get restore to as default. Thus, this completes a Tenda router device to reset from a factory default settings.

First Check an Internet Connection Type:

  • Want to verify network connectivity, then ask to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Power Cycle the DSL modem and also a Tenda Router device.

Just perform a power cycle process as discussed under of a Tenda Router device:

Step-1 First of all, unplug the power cable in the modem first, then from a Tenda router device and wait for 25-30 seconds.

Step-2 Now plug all the cables connections of a modem and a Tenda router device.

Step-3 After plugged all devices correctly, when systems lighten up, and then connected via the internet network.

The above methods will help you and fixes in detecting Internet Connections of a Tenda router as wired or wirelessly.

Tenda Routers are amazing device that gives a flawless performance in our work task. Such routers are mainly used in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Thousands of people have switched to Tenda router device that brings error-free network connectivity.

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Tenda Router Not Connecting to Internet -

The reason for your Tenda router to be not able to connect to the internet could be because of a faulty wire or maybe any maintenance work is going on. Follow the instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Replace Faulty Wires in Tenda Router:

Your router might not be able to connect to the internet because of a broken wire or a damaged one. make sure the ADSL cable coming from the wall outlet is working fine.

Insert the ADSL in your computer bypassing the router and try opening a website, if you can't then contact your ISP. If you can then there is an issue with the router, follow next steps to resolve it.

2. Reboot your Tenda Router:

Sometimes, rebooting the router can refresh its system and all the snags get resolved. So switch off your Tenda router for a few minutes and restart it. Try connecting to the internet again.

3. Reset your Tenda Router:

If rebooting and checking the wired connection does not help, chances are your router settings has been affected. resetting Tenda router will wipe out any changes made to your router and reset it to default factory settings.

Press the 'Reset' button at the back for 30 seconds and then try connecting to the internet again.

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No Response from Remote Server Tenda -

As I can see the internet keeps on disconnecting even after changing it from wired to wireless. I have come across many questions like this. Already two answers are given in this for managing the Tenda router.

But you need to check whether it is a router problem or PC is having some issue.

If your router is working properly in another computer or tablet or smartphone, it means there is an issue with your computer. In that case, you need to check for hardware failure or any issues with an operating system that result in internet disconnection.

Other Common Causes:-

1. Layer of Dust in your PC.
2. Old and Defective wireless routers, need to change.
3. Radio Interference and many more.

I can give you a detailed solution for both the PC and Connection problem, but you need to really check where the problem is exactly. It's a PC or Router.

Reply to me here if you need more information.

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Tenda Router Not Working -

If your Tenda router is not detecting internet connection. There can be the following reasons. Please follow the instructions below it will help you.

Step 1: Make sure that you are getting internet from your modem. Is your internet light solid green on your modem? If you are not having internet in your modem, you need to call your internet service provider. And when you get the internet from your modem, connect your router to that. And enjoy your internet.

Step 2: If you have solid green internet light on your modem, it means there is some other problem. There may be some issue with your router. Or in the cable with that you connected your router to modem.

Step 3: If your cable is fine, restart your router once it will help you. Otherwise, you need to reset your router.

Step 4: Before doing all this make sure you have the correct network driver on your laptop or desktop. if your problem is still not fixed mention it in a comment, and I will let you know about that.

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No Response from Remote Server Tenda

If you are using a Tenda router that means devices are there i.e. your internet Modem and your Router. Firstly, you should check the internet light on the modem.

If the internet light is on then you should connect one cable from your modem to the router and one cable to your computer via a wired connection. Connect the cable to the Tenda router in one of the yellow ports labeled 1-4 (you can use any port it doesn't make any difference).

Then remove the power cable from your modem and from your router as well. Then wait a minute or connect the power cable back to your modem but not to the router. Once the modem is complete 'ON' then plug the router back. After both of the devices are 'ON' then check the internet connection on your computer.

If the Internet is Still not Working Then (You should Reset Your Tenda Router)

Step 1: Go to the router and on the back of the router, you'll find a factory reset button. You need to press and hold it for 15 seconds during that time the lights on the router should be blinking.

Step 2: When all the lights are 'ON' again then go to the computer and open any web browser. Now, go to When prompted for a username and password, enter “admin” for the username, and similarly “admin” for the password.

Step 3: Then on the screen (the welcome Setup Wizard) will appear. Hit on Next Button.

Step 4: Click on “WLAN Settings”, then Click “Enable Wireless” if it is not already checked, and enter a new name for your router in the field labelled “SSID”. The default name is “Tenda”, but you can choose any network name you like but only use numbers and letters. Leave all other settings on this page at their defaults, and click “Apply”.

Step 5: Now, click “Security Settings”. In “Security Mode”, choose a network security type and enter an appropriate password. For demonstration settings, choose “WPA Personal”. Make sure “AES” is selected, and then enter in a passphrase.

This will be the password for your wireless network, so be sure to write it down. The default is “PlsChangeMe”, so go ahead and change it now. Leave the “Key Renewal Interval” field at its default setting, and click “Apply”.

Step 6: Then check your Internet if it's working or not.

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Tenda Router Not Detecting Internet Connection

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