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My Tenda Wireless Router W311r+ Not Working with TP-Link Router?

When I tried to connect my Tenda Wireless router w311R+ to TP-Link router, it does not work. In fact, only power light illuminates when I connect Tenda router with TP-Link. I am too much confused. Is my Tenda router not compatible with TP-Link router or there exist different issue? Help me!

Your Tenda router would not simply start working connected to another router, you need to make one of them as a repeater to make use of both the routers. The repeater will simply amplify the signal strength, thus giving you a larger range. I will discuss a detailed description of the procedure below. Follow it carefully:

1. Both your router should support WDS: WDS stands for Wireless distributed system. You should ensure that both your router has this functionality. Your main router TP-Link will act as the primary router while your Tenda router will act as secondary or Repeater.

2. The LAN IP of both routers should be different: In order to make both your router function at the same make sure both your router has a different IP address but in the same range. If your TP-link router's IP address is, then the IP address of Tenda router should be or in the same range.

3. DHCP Settings: In order to make both routers work at the same time, the DHCP settings on the main TP-Link router should be enabled so that it can get an automatic IP address from the server, while the DHCP settings on the Tenda router should be disabled as it would amplify the signal from the first one.

4. Other Settings: The wireless router settings for both the routers should be exactly the same since your network will detect only the primary router as the receiver. For that purpose both the router should have the same SSID, channel, security settings and password as well. You can alter all these settings from the router settings page. Go through other answers to know how to change router settings.

Hopefully, this info will help you setup your Tenda router to your TP-Link router. In case you have any further issues, feel free to revert back and I will be glad to help you out.

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My Tenda Wireless Router W311r+ Not Working with TP-Link Router

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