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My tenda wireless router w311r+ not working with tp link router?

Hey guys! I have a little query. I want to know that Tenda router is compatible with Tp-Link router or not. Yesterday, my friend was trying to connect Tenda Wireless router w311R+ to TP-Link router but unable to establish a connection. In fact, power light was blinking yet there was no connection. Is there anybody who can fix this issue?



Hello Wunch! I am also using Tenda router with TP-Link router and I am enjoying a high-speed connection. It might be possible that you have not connected both routers properly or something is missing and that's’ why your Tenda router is not connecting to TP-Link router. I have setup Tenda router as a repeater.

Here I am describing you the method through which you can easily connect Tenda and TP-Link router :

  • First of all, connect your computer to TP-Link router through an ethernet cable. Make sure you have plugged the one end of the ethernet cable into the yellow port of TP-Link router.

  • After this, open any browser and type “” in the address bar and press Enter key.

  • Now, you are redirected to Tenda router login wizard where you have to enter login credentials i.e., username and password.
    Username - admin
    Password - admin

  • After entering these values, tap on Login. Next, navigate to Basic settings and click on SSID. In SSID field, type “Tenda 1” which that you can easily differentiate both routers. One more thing, you have to use same channels for Tenda and TP-Link router.

  • Next, tap on WLAN settings and choose WDS settings subtab.

  • In WDS settings, go to WDS mode and set it to “Lazy mode”. After this, click Apply and save settings.

  • Now, you have to configure the existing router that is connected to the modem. Make sure your computer is properly connected to the router’s yellow port. Again, open a webpage and type “” in the address bar. Press Enter key and move to the login page where you have to enter username and password. Type “admin” in both fields

  • Next, navigate to WLAN settings > WDS settings.


  • Now go to drop down menu and choose “Repeater”. After this, select “Open scan” and you will see a list of all routers that are available in your area. Here choose “Tenda 1 ” router and then click on Apply button.

  • Now your Tenda wireless router will reboot. After rebooting Tenda router, Mac address of TP-Link router will display on the screen.

By following above steps, I hope, it will be easy for you to connect Tenda router and TP-Link router. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask our experts by approaching on Tenda Router Technical Support Number.

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